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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Does blended families mean blended surnames

A blended family in Yellowknife has chosen something different – they have used a hybrid surname

They have put together the first four letters of his surname (Van Overbeek) and the last three letters of her last name (Harilyw - they changed the letter ‘y’ to the letter ‘i’ in her name), and came up with  Van Overliw

So what does this do to genealogy? We are now creating special last names that didn’t exist before, it will be a hybrid last name.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dick Eastman and Tourtière Genealogy

Dick Eastman wrote in his newsletter this morning about his French-Canadian ancestry, and the making of the Christmas meat pie in an article called “Tourtière Genealogy”. 

He talks about how he has it every Christmas, but he didn’t realize that people from different parts of Quebec have different views on meat pies – and it is tied in with their ancestry.

The article came about because of a story in The Montreal Gazette by Susan Semenak in which she talks about the beloved French-Canadian food tourtière called “The genealogy of your tourtière: The Quebec Christmas feast staple, the tourtière, can reveal where a person’s family comes from”.

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